Psyop’s mission has been to PERSUADE, CHANGE and INFLUENCE through creating content that wins the hearts and minds of audiences and consumers. We blur the lines between advertising and entertainment by telling compelling stories, creating engaging characters and building unique worlds.

We work locally in our US Studios, and with our creative partners in London, Paris, Barcelona, Toronto and Sao Paulo. Our clients include brands, agencies, broadcasters, the entertainment and gaming industries. Some of our honors include Emmy’s, Oscar Nominations, D+AD, Art Directors Club, The One Show, AICP and Cannes Lions awards. We are passionate about making great work.


The Opportunity  


Psyop is seeking a smart, detail oriented CG Supervisor to report to the Head of VFX.


General responsibilities will include, but will not be limited to the following:

  • Work closely with the producer to effectively manage resources, scheduling and deliverables throughout the project life cycle.

  • Assess budget, artist’s availability and technical resources from the original bid and how it applies to current creative.

  • Work with your producer to schedule client approvals, check-ins, and deliverables at appropriate and achievable intervals throughout the projects lifetime.

  • Work with the producers and directors to address project goals.

  • Resolve conflicts that may arise between the creative vision and the project limitations.

  • Analyze creative problems and devise solutions to ensure what is achievable within the project scope.

  • Communicate, prioritize and delegate direction to the project’s team(s).

  • Assign tasks and formulate methods that balance creative within the schedule.

  • Ensure the team(s) follow proper pipeline procedure.

  • Meet deadlines for project milestones and delivery of final output.

  • Provide direction and constructive feedback to colleagues to enhance their efforts.

  • Evaluate CG team(s), identifying strengths, problem areas, and developing plans for improving performance

  • Coordinate all aspects of the VFX pipeline: modeling, camera tracking, geometry match moving, texturing, animation, lighting, rendering, compositing, post-production and delivery with department leads.

  • Work with team(s) to troubleshoot technical issues, optimize scenes and minimize rendering times.

  • Be aware of new technologies, techniques, and processes that will benefit studio production processes for current and future projects.

  • Work with in house and out of house production to determine the most effective shooting methodology and assist in shot planning and pre-production as needed.

  • Provide on set shot supervision, working with production to ensure that shot information is recorded, tracking markers are added to shots as needed and all required elements, HDRIs and clean plates are properly produced with careful attention to impact on the shoot schedule.

  • Work with production to address issues that may arise on set that may require additional CG, reconciling those needs with original budgets and providing guidance as to the most effective way to achieve the desired result in a timely fashion.

  • Assist producers in effectively communicating concepts, CG requirements and methodologies to clients.




The ideal candidate must be self-motivated, have a strong work ethic, possess strong communication and organizational skills, and be able to excel within a fast-paced, high expectations environment.

  • Able to lead and coordinate the development of live action and photo-real projects.

  • Excellent communication, relationship and time management skills.

  • Detail oriented with a strong ability to multitask.

  • Excellent creative problem solving skills to troubleshoot any issues quickly and work tominimize project impact.

  • Strong understanding of the live action and photo-real integration process and pipeline.

  • Strong research and storytelling abilities.

  • Strong analytical and organizational skills.

  • Ability to organize work and files effectively/efficiently.

  • Can adapt to a rapidly changing environment and perform under accelerated timeframes.

  • Knowledge of various production cameras and lenses.

  • Knowledge of the film production process and on set work-flow.

  • 3+ years of production experience including on set supervision.

  • High level of expertise in Maya or Houdini and Arnold.

  • Knowledge of and experience with the following:

    • Nuke

    • Photoshop and After Effects

    • Python

    • Shotgun

  • Ability to develop tools and procedures to optimize the vfx pipeline a plus.

How To Apply
If you meet the above qualifications, please submit your résumé to - Please be sure to include “CG Lead-LA" in the subject line.