Psyop's new game finds fans across the web.

This summer brought the official launch of Camp W, Psyop's first original narrative adventure game, developed at our Los Angeles studio and published to PC & Mac via the Steam store

In addition to receiving 100% positive user reviews, the game has found an audience around the web, including a recommendation from popular tech culture website, The Verge, who recommended Camp W to their audience, calling it "a great game for the end of summer"

In addition to a recommendation from The Verge, PC gaming website Rock, Paper, Shotgun also endorsed Camp W in two separate write-ups which called out the art, writing, and tone of the game as something special.

"I really must gush a little about Camp W’s art," said writer Dominic Tarason. "Were it not for it being mostly static, I could almost believe these were shots from some long-lost Nickelodeon TV show. It’s an absolute treat to look at. While kid-friendly, it’s written with the intent of being entertaining for all ages, as all the best cartoons are."

Reviewer Sin Vega summed the game up quite simply, stating that "It is delightful." They went on to describe the art, noting that "The stills alone would mark it above most of its peers, but there are little animated touches like campfires, butterflies and leaves, and many different mood shots of your own character. Even the music unobtrusively complements each scene."

Customers have been just as complimentary, frequently calling the game "charming," "lovely," and "gorgeous," in their personal reviews, which can be seen on Camp W's store page. "I can't recommend this game enough," said one user. "This game is precious," said another.


If you haven't played Camp W for yourself yet, the game is currently available for PC & Mac via Steam.

More information is available on the official Camp W website.