Director Pedro Lavin collaborates with musician Chris Burnett for a mind-bending music video

This is a story about heartbreak. Of a mortal man that loved a perfect, unreal ideal of a woman.

I created this film for Chris Burnett, an up and coming artist and musician whose next album revolves around his experience with idealized love. Listening to him talk about the themes in his project triggered an idea in my mind--when we are in the throes of an obsessive crush, we begin to create perfected versions of our obsessions. They begin to transform in front of our eyes and become beautiful to an unearthly degree. They are gods and goddesses; very much alive and very much unreal.

I instantly loved this idea, and knew it had to be at the heart of the film. It’s painfully, intimately familiar to anyone who’s loved someone so deeply, and yet it also feels ancient and timeless. A crush taken to legendary proportions.

Armed with this concept, I visualized Chris’ mind as a massive temple made of light and concrete. Within it, he worships a goddess with a face made of flowers. Initially, she appears beautiful, a pure and perfect vision, surrounded by heavenly light. When her mask is removed, however, her eyes are stark white, lending to an unnerving feeling of otherness, alienness. She is ghostly, unreal, almost imaginary. An eidolon.

Infinite gratitude to everyone who had a hand in completing this film. It really could not have been done without so many passionate people lending their talents to this project.

-Pedro Lavin, Director