Instagram Artist Takeover - Brian Keegan

Instagram Artist Takeover - Brian Keegan


As you saw with last week's Instagram Artist Takeover, there are so many different types of individuals who make up our incredible team here at Psyop. Whether it's a producer making sure everything is going according to plan, an animator breathing life into what was once just a concept, or anything in between; the crowd around here is as diverse as they come.

This week we get the pleasure of getting an inside peek at what LA's Brian Keegan does when he isn't making sure everything runs smoothly and seamlessly in the Systems Department for Psyop. Word on the street is that he's a bit of a surfer... a bit of a Red Sox fan... and a guaranteed fun guy to be following along for the week!

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Name: Brian Keegan

Position at Psyop: Technology Coordinator

Insta Handle: @mickeykeegan

Take to many photos of?: Uh... The Ocean?

Longest road trip: After college in Florida, I decided to move to California so I picked up and drove all the way here.

Who do you nominate from Team Psyop/Blacklist to takeover next?: James Coleman!!!