Instagram Artist Takeover - Jack Anderson

Instagram Artist Takeover - Jack Anderson


In case you were worried that our Instagram Artist Takeover series had been left behind along with 2016, we're here to squelch that concern with a brand new series of talents taking over our social media channel from week to week! To kick things off with a concept as one-of-a-kind as he is, Psyop CG Artist Jack Anderson is taking the reigns. Meet Jack below!

Name: Jack Anderson

Position at Psyop: CG Artist

Personal Instagram Handle?: @jackanders

You take way too many photos of: I am constantly taking screenshots on my phone of stupid things that I'll never look at again. I think in 50 years they'll be a time capsule of sorts.

Describe the shittiest job you've ever had: I grew up working at a hardware store which for the most part was the AMAZING. But any time it rained the basement (which felt exactly like the dungeon in Silence of the Lambs) would completely fill with water. Over the years I spent hundreds of hours down there, ankle deep in water, slowly vacuuming it all up. In retrospect it seems pretty shitty. But at the time, we'd LOVE to get to do it because it meant taking a break from dealing with customers. :)

Who on Team Psyop/Blacklist do you nominate to take over next?: Seth Gantman!