Instagram Artist Takeover - Justin Harris

Instagram Artist Takeover - Justin Harris


Here's something that some of you may not know: When it comes to the Psyop family, our community of creatives stretches much further than simply Psyop. Blacklist, Psyop's sister production company out of NYC, is yet another branch of visionary individuals who turn out some wild and crazy original content.

This week our Instagram Artist Takeover is coming to you from within this family, and we can't wait for you to get to know Justin Harris! Check him out below and then be sure to follow @psyoptv on Instagram so that you're able to keep up with all the shenanigans sure to ensue.

Name: Justin Harris

Position at Blacklist: Producer

Personal Instagram Handle: @90sdreamdate

You take way too many photos of: selfies in front of funny signs or strange building facades

Biggest guilty pleasure TV show/Movie/Band/Etc? Nothing embarrasses me...

Who on Team Psyop/Blacklist do you nominate to take over next?: Tess Harris at Psyop NY - let's keep it in the family :)