Instagram Artist Takeover - Robin Thompson

Instagram Artist Takeover - Robin Thompson


So here at Psyop, it's no secret that it takes a village of diverse and talented individuals to keep the creation machine running with each project we tackle. Something that might not occur to you so obviously though, is the fact that at one time all of these same individuals were busting their butts just to be given a chance to prove what they could do with their talents. Enter, the intern life. Many of us are very familiar with those transitional days shifting between learning our craft, and finally being able to test it out in the "real world" as well as the first time you feel that rush of excitement in the realization that you're now part of a team.

Meet Robin Thompson. Word on the street is that she's been killing the New York Psyop game so impressively that we just HAD to let her take over Instagram for the week. Read below to get to know our new design intern, and follow along all week for a fresh new perspective on the ever-expanding, ever-evolving, #TeamPsyop.

Name: Robin Thompson

Position at Psyop: Design Intern

Personal Instagram Handle?: @rthmpsn

You take way too many photos of: Too many Pokemon Go snaps...

If you could choose anyone in the world (dead or alive) to mentor you for one year - Who would it be and why?: Akira Toriyama because who wouldn't??

Who on Team Psyop/Blacklist do you nominate to take over next?: Pedro Lavin!!