Instagram Artist Takeover - Wilfred Archila

Instagram Artist Takeover - Wilfred Archila


When you think of Psyop, it’s our animators, designers and directors that you may think of first when it comes to envisioning the team. The truth though is that it takes so many different types of talented people to make our dreams a reality, and we want to introduce as many of those people as possible to our audience!

This week you will be seeing the world of Psyop through Wil Archila’s eyes. Serving as our Systems Engineer, we aren’t entirely convinced that this guy isn’t magic with all the technical difficulties he solves day in and day out. An avid explorer of many varieties, Wil’s perspective of Los Angeles is surely one that the Psyop Instagram account has never seen before!

Get to know the man behind the curtain below, and keep on following all week long for yet another fresh take on #TeamPsyop!!

Name: Wilfred (Wil) Archila

Position at Psyop: I am Systems Engineer here at Psyop, so deal with everything that's behind the scenes. You know, no big deal... just keeping LA and Vancouver together.

You take way too many photos of: Honestly, I take a lot of random pictures. But I would say it is a tie between hiking and different types of alcohol. Don't judge.

If you could run away and spend 1 year doing anything you want... How would you spend your time?: Oh I know this one, I would definitely road trip all over the country. I love to drive open roads and I love visiting odd locations. Something about the open road and music playing is freeing for me. If I have spare time, I would go backpacking through the Appalachian Trail (bucket list).

Who on Team Psyop/Blacklist do you nominate to take over next?: I nominate Brian Keegan (BK!) because he takes pictures of surfing and sports. And I want to learn more about sports.