"Have you ever tried to snap a picture of a beautiful landscape, only to look at your phone and think, 'No, but it’s better than that. I swear!' Even with the most advanced cameras and editing software, it’s almost impossible to capture what you’re really seeing, feeling and experiencing in Oregon." 


Bryan Mullaney, Global Marketing Insights and Planning Manager at Travel Oregon

Our Approach

Todd and Kylie, working with agency Wieden + Kennedy and animation partner Sun Creature, built a new, illustrative visual language that evoked the feelings of joyous wonder and discovery that every traveler experiences.

Embracing the core sentiment the "Only Slightly Exaggerated" tagline, the team shifted the film from the realm of the literal to the realm of imagination. By using animation, they had the perfect medium that could conjure emotions and create a sense of magic about Oregon in a way that wouldn't have been possible with live photography. 

Treating the project like the development of a feature film, the team focused on the story, characters and settings while simultaneously developing a series of lighting styles and an expansive color script for the launch film. Sun Creature assembled a team of accomplished painters and illustrators to develop the style - a look that was at once instantly reminiscent of the the golden age of Disney and Japanese animation but carried the distinct voice of Travel Oregon. 

From the start, the team knew they had to quickly take the viewer through a wide range of locations throughout Oregon and designed their story around that requirement. They developed shifts in scale that bring the camera into the heart of the action and out again, showing not only the majestic views but revealing the secrets within each location. By mixing tranquil moments with exciting bursts of action and sweeping camera moves with seamless transitions, they built the drama of an epic journey in a short time.

When the campaign was renewed for a second year, Todd & Kylie with Sun Creature, expanded the world of the beloved original by dialing up the fantastical. With scenes like the cloud giants taking up to 90 hours of meticulous animation, they pushed even their own creative limits with their ambitious cast of color characters and detailed environments.  

"For the second Travel Oregon with Sun Creature and W+K, we launched right into creative development and production and expand on the magic and whimsy. We were able to create some great mythical creatures: a rocky turtle island that controls the rising sun, an old, bathing tree that feeds the bees, a furry, pastry-loving beast, majestic cloud giants... It was again an amazing collaboration of incredible artists pouring their passion into every frame and it shows." 

Kylie Matulick - Director

It was shared more than 68,000 times fueling significant audience engagement across social channels - many of the commenters noted specifically the quality of animation and recalling their personal connections to the places depicted, saying the film made them want to visit. 

A Longwoods International Ad Accountability Study found that for every $1 invested in Travel Oregon’s advertising campaigns, the state saw a return of nearly $157 in visitor spending and $8 in tax revenue for the benefit of Oregon residents.  

The richness of the scenes and characters within both films create a year-long library of modular content for Travel Oregon feeding into its print, web and social media. . 

Of course, when you have other states weighing in on how great your campaign is. That’s when you know you’ve done something very, very right.