"The film is grandiose, gorgeous and above all else gay." 

- Paper Magazine


Tom CJ Brown creates a delicious, modernist queer daydream reinterpreting the 60’s classic song “Cousin Jane” by the Troggs. Stemming from his vision of what a wonderful queer, non-binary and non-conforming world we could all live in and aspire to, he engaged Hilton Dresden, performer/writer/influencer, to both re-record the Andood arranged song, and star as the lovesick and restless heroine of the film.

The film comes with a full virtual, immersive theatre experience at www.TheCarringtonHouseHotel.com and an Instagram account so you can follow your favorite cousin. 

"When I was reunited with my Cousin, I felt like he came from another dimension, living out his truth as a native of his world where queerness, non-binary, and androgyny rule. One that is lead by our worlds queer children, Cousin John is our grandchild from the future, when we and our bigotry are dead.

His Queer Utopia in the forest is a futuristic daydream of how the world could be for all of us, not just creating a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community. Imagine a future where Miley Cyrus and her Happy Hippie Foundation were the bedrock of society; where gender-queer and non-conforming kids, who are just now coming of age, are in charge.

What would that future look like? What space does that create for everyone to live their truth, free from the tyranny of patriarchy and binary social norms? Perhaps there is a banker on Wall Street who dreams of showing up to work in white heeled loafers, a flowing silk peach suit, and pussy-bow blouse, and why shouldn’t they? Why can’t they?"

- Tom CJ Brown, Director