The following originally appeared in Creativity Magazine:

"The best spots we make are usually the ones that are the most creatively and technically challenging. AT&T New World is a perfect example of this. BBDO us brought us a brilliant script about alien creatures living in an underwater world—a metaphor for what happens when you expand your boundaries and embrace discovery. They asked us to design the world and the characters and develop the story around them."

- Director Eben Mears

"The fundamental premise of the script was that all these fish lived off one food source, glowing orange berries, so we decided that all the inhabitants of this world should be hyper-evolved berry battlers, and we embarked on an exercise inspired by Darwin’s theories of evolution.

We designed nearly a 100 characters, whittled these down to our top 10 and then crafted a story around their specific abilities. It was an incredibly fun process and the creative freedom and collaboration that BBDO gave allowed us to create a truly unique world."

- Designer Jon Saunders