Working under our formed partnership with Revolver, Psyop directed “Catfish,” a comically surreal spot starring a forlorn catfish, for Sydney agency Leo Burnett and their client, Diageo.

The spot tells the sorrowful tale of the catfish. With a body covered in 180,000 taste buds, it’s doomed to roam murky waters where shoelaces undulate like seaweed and used bandages suffice as food. Meanwhile man, with a mere 10,000 taste receptors, is free to savour the double-distilled, Red Gum tree filtered, 100 proof Bundy Red as he pleases.

“The initial direction from the creatives was to make the spot feel as real and tactile as possible. We built a scaled practical diorama set for the underwater sequence, matching the camera moves from our detailed previz. We then animated and composited our hero elements, such as the catfish and tongue, ensuring that they felt grounded in this underwater reality / surreality.”

- Kylie Matulick & Todd Mueller, Directors