"This was such a fun campaign to be a part of with so many elements for Psyop to lend talents to. In addition to our two spots and insanely funny Facebook Builder AR mask, we also helped with his journey out in the real world. The Builder’s first action was taking over the Clash of Clans Instagram page - Our team had a lot of fun posing and generating stills of his travels for this takeover. You can’t help but smile when you see a Builder selfie! While on the road, the Builderconstructed large installations of his friends all over the world for fans to interact with which included Ana Bernaus’ adorable instructional illustrations on-site. In addition to New York, London, South Korea and China, a massive giant was constructed just down in Huntington Beach along with four working water cannons setup for all to enjoy! So much fun... maybe a little too fun..."

Jamie Pastor, Producer

"Come Back, Builder! is a fitting end to an incredible, month-long campaign featuring a host of clever additions to the Clash franchise. It was a really well thought out series that saw us take the little guy out of the game and into the real world,complete with Instagram selfies, full scale builder projects in cities around the country and even his own LinkedIn profile. Our animation team built on the amazing work they did on The Builder Leaves, adding bigger character performances, a ton of hilarious Easter eggs and a host of cool new props that were custom made by our Look-Dev team just for this campaign! In the end, it was a climactic ending to this series and a great opportunity to give the fans a little inside look at one of the game's most humble yet beloved family members. Clash of Clans continues to produce some of our proudest moments, and thanks to the wonderful creative team at Supercell and Barton F Graf 9000, we have another feather for our Builder's Cap."

Chris Sage, 3D Lead