Psyop and Agency Crispin Porter Bogusky came together to craft “All Sports,” a crowd pleasing spot for Coke Zero with a twist — literally!

“We loved the idea of creating a slick little film that embodies a sports arena in a Coke Zero can. We wanted to capture the attention of every fan and we thought the strength of the idea rested within this impossibility.”

- Eben Mears, Creative Director

Psyop had their game face on from the start, creating the entire spot in CG.

“We built two systems to add complexity and texture to seemingly flat objects. This way, the spot had fluent movements and the CG lighters would be able to work more efficiently.”

- Brendan Fitzgerald, Project Lead

In addition to designing and building out the environments with meticulous craftsmanship, Psyop paid close attention to the fans and athletes, insuring their physicality and emotions were on point. From there, a custom built crowd system allowed them to populate the thousands of cheering Coke Zero fans throughout the stadium.