"Every board and script for Honda was different and a chance to push boundaries. From concept to problem-solving, it was crucial to find the right balance and elements of excitement to deliver the strongest quality work. We were excited because as directors the original script resonated with us, and as parents we could relate to the story. We found a great partner in the RPA creative team, being so enthusiastic and supportive of our ideas. DP Jess Hall was the perfect partner. He shot the film Ghost In The Shell, which is a heavily integrated CG movie. Jess has such an in-depth understanding of how to shoot live action so that it can be combined seamlessly with CG, and was able to give the car the beautiful visual treatment it deserves."

-Georgia Tribuiani, Director

"Telling a complete and compelling story in such a short amount of time is what makes commercial advertising so interesting. That challenge is what keeps me motivated and creatively passionate about each project. Our creative process was very organic, from start to finish. From the brainstorming to the shoot and through post, there was always a good energy. Given the fact that we had so many larger monster shots to deal with, we had quite a task to make all the shots feel like they are all in the same world, but working with Psyop’s talented 2D Supervisor/Compositors made the whole process more fluid."

-Laurent Ledru, Director