Music is a powerful force – it’s a universal language that can stir the senses and provoke emotions. It’s a uniting factor. It’s a story being told.

“We wanted to make a film that characterized music and its effect over people — how one becomes many, how positivity becomes larger and how you can share that growth.”
- Creative Director Gerald Ding

Psyop teamed up with The House of Marley to celebrate this ideology in “The Get Together,” House of Marley’s announcement spot for the brand’s latest addition to their line of high end audio systems.

Using a combination of live action and 2D cell animation defined the spot’s overarching mood and helped illustrate the characters’ imaginations, adding a playful layer to each scenario. For the final touch, Psyop created the stylized look and color pallet of the spot and fine tuned the camera speed to match the film’s mood, ultimately bringing the entire story together.