Tendril takes a deep dive into textures, shapes and built worlds for Nike's LunarEpic Flyknit launch.

With a formidable deliverable list encompassing both a launch film and content packages for global Nike in-store installations, one of their biggest challenges wasn’t that production was a global initiative, it was in creating the environment where the action takes place.

Armed with photo references from Nike of Pariah Canyon in the United States (a place of insanely gorgeous flowing layers of rocks) they then painstakingly created an entire planet in 3D. This was no small feat. It required researching, experimenting, going back to drawing board some more, all the while exporting data back and forth between World Machine and C4D.


Tendril then adapted the launch film into a larger-than-life store installation that featured the film’s content inside Nike’s Manhattan flagship location. 

With a ton of space to work with inside the five-story retail space, they designed an indoor installation that showcased the galactic visuals—in beautiful 4k resolution—upon a giant screen measuring 38’ x 47’ made of lightweight LED panels, as well as a sidewalk facing LED screen. The panel configuration was customized to feature super hi-res on the retail floor, with slightly lower resolution panels higher up where shoppers would view the screens from a greater distance.

By planning heavy collaboration from the onset, the team utilized Google Hangouts, Sheets, Slack, Dropbox, continental airline travel, coffee, and beer helped make this other-worldly experience a pain-free collaboration.