Sharon Levy, Executive Vice President of Original Series at Spike TV, called TUT, their first ever original scripted production, “the biggest and most ambitious project in Spike's history.”

To help press that message forward and build buzz around the project, the network enlisted Psyop to illustrate the show’s dramatic, dangerous, and sexy side by way of a shadowy shoot featuring ancient artifacts and venomous cobra snakes--live, of course.

“Spike saw a film I had previously directed at Psyop called Emerge and were eager to collaborate with us to create a unique visual language that would help them promote their mini-series, TUT. The project, which was currently in production at the time, sounded amazing and we were thrilled to be a part of it.”

- Lauren Indovina, Director

“I wanted our TUT tease to be a visual opera, a seductive psychosexual art film, lush with visuals about being completely encapsulated in pain, betrayal, lust, love, terror, chaos. It should be a glimpse into the passionate chaos that ensued during Tut’s life.”

- Lauren Indovina

“We were very thankful to the team at Spike for being so encouraging of danger and risk and pretty much, awesome looking shots.“

- Lauren Indovina