Position Overview

  • Quality Controller. Oversees the animation team, ensuring that high quality work is being produced and delivers the vision as the client has requested
  • Master De-escalator. Serve as the main go-to for animation issues that come up during production. You seamlessly de-escalate conflicts, provide solutions and help dispel any stress. Good vibes only! 
  • Translator of Visions. Work with Directors to understand desired character animations based on project requirements
  • Cream of the Crop.  You possess extensive prior experience as an Animator or Sr. Animator and demonstrate advanced understanding of animation principles and pipeline. In short, we won’t find anyone better than you
  • Uniquely Brained. Your unique brain/way of thinking helps you beautifully augment and develop creative techniques, research and incorporate new technology
  • Eager to Contribute. You love to collaborate and share ideas with the creative and production teams


Will include but are not limited to;

  • Timekeeper Extraordinaire. Diligently watch the clock to ensure that the project is progressing on time without issue. Embrace your inner narc and report any potential issues that could cause delays in project delivery. There’s nothing you love more than meeting a deadline
  • Versatile af. When it comes to animation, you are about as versatile as Meryl Streep and Christian Bale are in the acting world. You turn out consistently excellent animations no matter the style (vehicles, complex characters, creatures, etc)
  • Pro Surfer (of the Web). Research or record reference material as a solid foundation for an exceptional character animation performance 
  • Embrace Teamwork. Work closely with fellow Leads, Managers or the Creative Director to ensure clients needs and requirements are all met

Experience & Qualifications

  • Wear Your Degree on Your Sleeve. You demonstrate an advanced understanding of the principles of animation and how to best employ them to create performances that support the project. Nobody ever has to question your credentials cuz you’re just so damn legit
  • You’ve Been Around the Block. When it comes to different animation styles, you’ve seen it all and you’ve done it all, from stylized cartoons to photo-real performances
  • Must possess a working knowledge of an animation and post production pipeline
  • Natural Born Charmer. You’re an excellent collaborator with an ability to bring people in as well as bringing people up. You make people want to work with you, how nice! 
  • Software Smartypants. Experience and strong knowledge of the animation aspect of Maya is a must, proficiency in Adobe Premiere and Photoshop a plus. The more programs you know the better
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Lover of People. People like you and you like them. You work well within a team environment and can take direction and whatever else someone might throw at you via words

Psyop is committed to building and maintaining an inclusive workplace. We offer flexible working practices and welcome and encourage applications from candidates who are under-represented in the creative industries.