If you are passionate about engaging content, have a deep interest in learning more about visual storytelling,, and enjoy working with a team pushing excellence at every level, then this position is perfect for you. 

Not for the faint of heart, our APs are a critical part of our production process. A Psyop AP actively supports producers, directors and artists on their assigned project to ensure every creative and project detail is met. 

Nobody comes into this job knowing how to do it already, and we pride ourselves on training people to become some of the most sought after producers in the business.

Key words for anyone in this role:

● Turbo
● Proactive
● Creatively Curious
● Detail Oriented
● Multitasker
● Team Player
● Fun
● Flexible
● Eager to learn
● Animal Lover (For if/when we are ever in the office, dogs are popular at the Psyop offices!)

Position Overview

● Supports the process for production of video, animation and images for multiple parallel projects
● Ensures post production timelines and budgets, and allocate resources for multiple, parallel projects
● Facilitates project kickoff and asset handoff from creative to the production artists, and track the assets through the post production process
● Assists editors, graphic artists, motion designers, and flame artists to
produce client-facing material and final deliverables on schedule
● Works directly under the Production, Creative, and Brand Management teams to manage approvals and ensure efficient workflow and delivery
● Follows up proactively with the appropriate team deadlines by setting daily priorities and distributing status updates


Will include but are not limited to;

● Take notes in meetings and then send to Producer afterwards
● Check in with artists every morning to make sure they are not having any issues with their machines and know what they are working on
● Prepare artists for briefing. Send paths to latest work and any applicable documents for Artists to review prior to Director and/or Lead briefing them
● Download any files or assets sent by the agency and put on the server
● IF the director uses Google Drive for sharing files during the pitch make sure to download and put on the server
● Schedule meetings for the producer and team in google calendar such as briefings and dailies
● Check in with remote artists to make sure they stay on schedule and have what they need. Schedule briefings as well as making sure to download all files they send and save on the server. Request all source files after a project is wrapped
● Send a Status email to Producer, HoP, Bach, EP, Directors and team
● Postings: Some Producers prefer to do their own postings so the AP should work this out with their producer
● Hours – AP’s should always check with their Producer before leaving for the day


● 1-2 years experience working in commercial production
● Strong understanding of the 2D & 3D pipeline and process
● Ability to work on multiple projects and coordinate with the
creative and production teams
● Experience with scheduling, budgeting and actualizing
● Excellent communication and organizational skills


● Knowledge of CETA iCFM and Shotgun software a plus
● Self-motivated and be able to handle stressful situations
● Must be able to work well within a team environment and take initiative