Position Overview

  • Winner Mindset. The level of leadership in this role calls for one willing to lead the pack. Will actively work on Psyop projects, overseeing the finishing progress as well as taking on a compositing role for complex shots or sequences
  • Works Well With Nerds. Will work closely with fellow nerds including Head of Production, Head of VFX, Leads and Supervisors to ensure all aspects of animation are produced properly, providing input and guidance when needed
  • Compositing Professor. Should guide, supervise and review work done by compositing team, both staff and freelance
  • Standards and Practices Implementer. Will make sure that creative concepts and production requirements are met as expected by client
  • Speaks Geek. Will work with the Systems and Pipeline teams to streamline and implement software and technology and standardize workflows
  • Keeping a Lookout. Will work with EPs, Head of VFX, Directors, and Bidding to scope incoming projects and align on shooting and compositing techniques


Will include but are not limited to;

  • Smooth Sailing. Responsible for ensuring compositing teams are functioning smoothly/not losing their minds while meeting deadlines. #keepcalmandcarryon
  • Choose Your Player. Strategize with scheduling team to assemble the best possible crews based on project needs during relevant stages of production cycle
  • Conversational Chameleon. Your high school days are over so you can’t just stick to one clique. Communicate regularly with various departments including but not limited to Systems, Producers, Artists.
  • Play to Win. Assist EPs, Bidding Producers and Creative Directors to bid, pitch and win as well efficiently plan new projects if requested
  • Technophile. A true technology geek, you are always up to date on the latest technological trends and tools within the industry that could enhance current Psyop production capabilities
  • Jury Duty. Review reels and job applications and interview potential hires
  • Welcome Committee. Help onboard new artists and make them feel at home. No hazing necessary


  • Natural Born Leader. Previous experience supervising or leading a compositing team in a commercial production environment
  • Not Your First Rodeo. 5+ years of experience within an animation studio or VFX pipeline technology environment compositing a wide range of styles and techniques
  • Nuke + Flame Connoisseur. In depth understanding and hands on experience in Nuke and Flame
  • A Seasoned Veteran. 3+ years of experience in client-facing compositing roles and on set VFX supervision
  • Compositing Savant. Expert knowledge of 3D multi-pass compositing techniques ACES color workflow


  • Your Reputation Precedes You. You have a proven track record of consistently delivering high quality compositing in a diverse range of styles
  • Animation Obsessed. You possess a true passion and interest in compositing and the animation industry
  • Clinically Organized. Strong project planning and problem solving skills
  • Master Collaborator. You aren’t antisocial, you like people and have a collaborative attitude, encouraging communication within the animation team
  • Experience With Shotgun (Not That Kind). Working experience with Shotgun software preferred. Bonus points if you can shotgun a beer too
  • (Monty) Python (and The Holy Grail). Some might say that Python scripting IS the holy grail. We would like for you to have some experience with this, Blink or other tool building softwares

Psyop is committed to building and maintaining an inclusive workplace. We offer flexible working practices and welcome and encourage applications from candidates who are under-represented in the creative industries.