Interactive Goals

  • We want to continue to do what Psyop has always done, but ensure Psyop is there for tomorrow audience, not yesterdays
  • By strengthening the link between the audience and creator, through personalized worlds and stories you want to experience and live in and for those stories to grow over time
  • We truly believe Real-time is now and the future, it has the potential to increase our creative output, optimize our workflow and efficiency. It can also create new revenue stream that we might not yet fully understand
  • We need to build interconnective tissue between the existing department and help fuel the flywheel across the company

Role Summary

Psyop is looking for a Head of Real-Time. The ideal candidate will have a strong, hands-on understanding of the full pipeline of content creation in Unreal, as well as proven experience leading a team of fellow Tech Artists, Animators and Developers.

A deep level of technical knowledge combined with strong creative and visual instincts is critical. You will be the go-to person for the implementation of complex content that requires heavy artist/designer/engineer coordination. You are a problem solver, collaborator and communicator, and know how to adjust and prioritize through the creative process.

You also keep up with the latest technical tools and best-practices for developing content and inspire others through knowledge sharing.

Position Overview

  • Realtime Ruler. You’re like a ruler (but the good kind), overseeing and managing employees in the realtime and interactive stream from pre-production, through execution and post-production project cycle activities of appropriate Psyop Client projects
  • Chief Liaison Officer. Will act as key point of contact with creative leads on the client production side, in concert with the Realtime producer
  • Art Wrangler. As the creative and technical head of all Real Time operations, will be responsible for coordinating the efforts of creative staff as effectively as possible
  • Project Primer. Will act in concert with Realtime EP and project Producers to bid, schedule and crew incoming projects, getting them nice and primed to blossom into beautiful works of art.
  • A Creative Revolutionary. Will stay educated on the state of emerging technologies and help define a course of action for implementing them on projects as needs and use cases arise. If there’s going to be an innovation in the Realtime world, you want to be the first to know about it
  • Realtime Evangelist. Will spread knowledge and help educate Psyop artists and directors on real time topics


  • Art Simp / Devotee. Work with in house multidisciplinary teams of artists and creative directors to define production roadmaps 
  • Workflow Wizarddress. Define the needs for developers to build tools, pipeline and workflows for utilizing game engine technology for linear, and interactive projects
  • Contribute towards winning new projects by developing creative technology solutions and proposal in response to client briefs, in keeping with project goals, timing and budget 
  • Geek Squad. Like the Geek Squad at an Apple Genius Bar, you provide technical supervision and support on multiple projects
  • Use Unreal Engine 4’s framework to create core systems and features in Blueprint, factoring external direction and team feedback into design decisions
  • Technophile. Work with emerging technologies to create new tools and systems for interactive real-time production
  • Mr. Miyagi. Assist with mentorship and career development for teammates (your own little karate kids) to help meet department goals
  • Talent Scout. Assess reels and interview applicants for joining the realtime team


  • Must be self-motivated, have a strong work ethic, possess strong communication and organizational skills, and be able to excel within a fast-paced, high expectations environment
  • Doctor Octopus. Able to oversee and coordinate the development of multiple projects (because you have so many tentacles to juggle with, you lucky sea creature!)
  • Talks Good. Excellent communication, relationship and time management skills. You know what to say and when to say it to get things done efficiently
  • Perfectionist. Must be detail oriented and clinically organized with a strong ability to multitask 
  • Master De-escalator. Excellent creative problem solving skills to troubleshoot any issues quickly and work to minimize project impact and dispel any stress. Good vibes only! 
  • Been There, Done That. Knowledge of the virtual production process and on set work-flow
  • Knowledge of real time mocap pipelines 
  • Not Your First Rodeo. 5+ years of production experience including on set supervision
  • Software Savant. High level of expertise in Unreal and Maya
  • Fluency in C++ within the confines of Unreal/Blueprints is a plus

Bonus (Not essential to the role but would help differentiate candidates)

  • Maya modeling and rigging experience
  • Houdini / FX / Niagara experience
  • Scripting & programming skills with Python, C#, Javascript and C++
  • Experience optimizing content through profiling and diagnostic tools
  • Virtual Production experience
  • Shader programming experience

Psyop is committed to building and maintaining an inclusive workplace. We offer flexible working practices and welcome and encourage applications from candidates who are under-represented in the creative industries.