Position Overview

  • Taskmaster. Should be able to demonstrate experience or  knowledge within CG/3D disciplines including but not limited to;
    • Animation, Modeling, Look Dev, etc.
  • Seeker of the Unknown. Should show strong desire towards innovation and passion for new technologies within the industry
  • Professional Chameleon. Should be able to adapt to the needs of each project as requirements change and progress
  • Visual Trickster. Will take part in process of creating stunning visual effects for high end advertising projects


Will include but are not limited to;

  • Versatile af. Under direction of a Dept lead, will perform a diverse array of tasks within the studio including but not limited to; animation, modeling, look dev, texturing, shading, lighting, rendering, effects, scripting and tracking. Is there anything you can’t do? If this weren’t a hypothetical question the answer would be no
  • Reach for the Stars. Ambitious and driven, you strive to constantly push your craft as you demonstrate a positive attitude and eagerness to constantly improve and learn
  • Follow Through. Just like Roger Federer’s tennis serve, you follow through, tackling assigned tasks from start to finish
  • Have Thoughts. Provide creative input throughout project through effective communication with the team
  • Quality Controller. Should at times be able to provide critique on CG work, identifying strengths and weaknesses and potential solutions for improvement
  • Must show familiarity with general CG techniques
  • Reliability Factor High. Must be able to take direction and meet assigned deadlines. People can trust you to get the job done the way it was intended
  • Introverted Extrovert. Must be able to work well both independently (introverted) and within a team (extrovert) making sure to exhibit effective communication

Experience & Qualifications

  • Should have working knowledge of post production workflows and a desire to learn
  • Excruciatingly Meticulous. You’re about as precise as Tony Shaloub in Monk, showing high attention to detail as it relates to color, lighting, etc 
  • MVP. You’re an all around ideal employee with excellent communication skills, a strong work ethic and the ability to take direction and whatever else someone might throw at you via words 
  • Software Smartypants. Familiarity with Maya, Houdin, Arnold or similar software
  • Tasteful Perfectionism. You have a proactive attitude and are always looking for ways to improve or help when possible

Psyop is committed to building and maintaining an inclusive workplace. We offer flexible working practices and welcome and encourage applications from candidates who are under-represented in the creative industries.