Do you possess a passion for storytelling with killer visuals? Do you find yourself searching for an environment in which to channel your creative energy? Do you have an ability to connect with other like-minded and highly driven people? Are you looking to be a part of a team where your
passion and creativity can be utilized to its fullest potential? If so, send us your resume stat!

Psyop believes in the power of storytelling. For nearly 20 years, Psyop has been a pioneer in crafting emotive and visually stunning stories for the best advertising agencies, brands, game IP and other cool stuff that we are under strict NDA and can’t talk about. Psyop’s mission from day one has
been to PERSUADE, CHANGE and INFLUENCE through creating content that wins the hearts and minds of audiences and consumers.

Position Overview

● Entry-level position for someone passionate about working in the Unreal Engine
● Must have at least +/- 1-year experience with Maya and/or Unreal
● Entry-level and above fluency in CG software and/or processes
● Attention to detail and comfortable with testing and debugging workflow, tools, and pipeline
● Pluses – coders with UE4 blueprint experience and/or desire to work in UE4


● Ideal candidates will have a strong understanding of the 2D & 3D pipeline and process.
● Excellent communication and project management skills.
● Able to anticipate CG or coding challenges and problem solve.
● Detail oriented and highly organized


● Knowledge of CETA iCFM and Shotgun software a plus.
● Familiar with AR/VR and new media is a plus.
● Must be able to work well within a team environment and have strong interpersonal skills.

How To Apply

If you meet the above qualifications, please submit your résumé/website/samples of your work to jobs@psyop.tv. Please be sure to include “Jr. Tech Artist” in the subject line.