Position Overview

● Will work with CG team and Supervisors to fulfill creative vision of the project within the technical requirements and parameters
● Responsible for creating desired lighting effects across shots and sequences
● This position requires a high degree of technical skill and artistic judgement
● Must be able to balance artistic requirement within the technical limitations of the software and hardware employed


Will include but are not limited to;

● Responsible for maintaining lighting pipeline and workflow as dictated by project requirements
● Properly assess the appropriate balance of lighting and compositing for a given shot
● Work with texture artists to create necessary texture maps for application to creature, props and environments
● Work with other lighting artists to provide guidance and assist in solving problems that may arise
● Troubleshoot technical production issues, especially any related to lighting
● Work within the Psyop pipeline and publish tools and scripts as prescribed
● Help create or modify lighting templates to be used by crew
● Be aware of inefficiencies in any area of the pipeline that are impacting the ability to work efficiently and flag as necessary

Experience & Qualifications

● Solid understanding of lighting, color theory and shading networks
● Should possess excellent artistic vision and skills with particular emphasis on lighting
● Experience in zbrush, Houdini, Nuke, Python or Redshift is a plus
● Excellent time management skills
● Must be able to work well within a team environment and take direction