Do you possess a passion for storytelling with killer visuals? Do you find yourself searching for an environment in which to channel your creative energy? Do you have an ability to connect with other like-minded and highly driven people? Are you looking to be a part of a team where your passion and creativity can be utilized to its fullest potential? If so, send us your resume stat!

Psyop believes in the power of storytelling. For 21 years, Psyop has been a pioneer in crafting emotive and visually stunning stories for the best advertising agencies, brands, game IP and other secret stuff we can’t talk about. Psyop’s mission from day one has been to PERSUADE, CHANGE and INFLUENCE through creating content that captures hearts and minds with iconic visual storytelling and design.

Position Overview

  • Production Quarterback. Manages the production process for video and animation, develops post production budgets and timelines, and allocates resources for multiple, parallel projects. Facilitate project kickoff and asset handoff from creative to the production artists, and track the assets through the post production process
  • Unintimidated by Creative Geniuses. Must be able to work collaboratively and effectively manage the team (including Directors, CG Artists, Nuke Compositors, Editors, Graphic Artists, Motion Designers, and Flame artists) to produce client-facing material and final deliverables on schedule
  • Chief Liaison Officer. Collaborate with Production, Creative, and Brand Management teams to manage approvals and ensure efficient workflow and delivery
  • Enviably Disciplined. You’re always on top of your game, delivering on project expectations and deadlines by setting daily priorities, distributing status updates, and proactively following up with appropriate teams. Overcommunication is not always a bad thing
  • Where? Ideal candidates will be located close to Berlin, Stuttgart or Hamburg as this will be a Hybrid role with some attendance in the office required


Will include but are not limited to;

  • Production Officiator. Oversee the set up and scheduleof project production from  beginning to end. Till death do you part with this production
  • Stage Parent. It’s the season of Dance Moms: you’rethe parent,  your child is the project you’re producing, and you must monitor its progress and push it to succeed as best and as quickly as it can (without breaking the bank)
  • Digital Tracking Device. Keep tabs on the status and location of all materials needed for project production (i.e. scripts, videos)
  • Judgmental AF. Identify, respond and provide solutionsto any potential issues/problems with projects in production
  • Punctual Pragmatist. Must be adept at managing a crewon budget and delivering on schedule (ideally without making enemies along the way)


  • Not Your First Rodeo. Either you’ve worked as a Producer in the field for at least 4 years or you’re a Production Prodigy with an inexplicably genius ability to flawlessly perform this job
  • The Production Life Cycle. Must have a strong understanding of the 2D & 3D pipeline and process
  • Talks Good. You know what to say and when to say it to get things done efficiently
  • Palm Reader. Ability to anticipate production challenges, problem solve and see around corners and blind spots
  • Perfectionist. Must be detail oriented and clinically organized


  • ●  Former AV Club President. Knowledge of CETA iCFM and Shotgun software a plus
  • ●  Functional and Fearless. You operate as if powered by an engine, self-motivated and always getting things done. Even in stressful situations you know how to handle yourself and can problem solve. How cool!
  • Properly Socialized. You have strong interpersonal skills and works well in a team environment. You are not afraid of big personalities

Psyop is committed to building and maintaining an inclusive workplace. We offer flexible working practices and welcome and encourage applications from candidates who are under-represented in the creative industries.