Position Overview

  • Production Quarterback: You are the point person, holding it all together to ensure the client & Psyop team know the next play.
  • Smooth Operator: Collaboratively navigating production challenges and creative geniuses with nuance & grace.
  • Production Ambassador: You’re always in the know, proactive AF, an excellent communicator, and can read and run the room. You’re the point person that clients will frequently turn to for answers (no pressure).


Will include but are not limited to;

  • Production Officiator. Manage the schedule, deliverables, and budget from pre-production through final delivery. Keep the project on time and on the money.
  • A Place for Everything, and Everything in its Place: Keep tabs on the status and location of all materials and assets needed for project production. 
  • One Step Ahead: Identify and respond to any potential issues/problems, come up with solutions, and ask for help when you need it so that we can keep the project moving smoothly, and on budget.
  • Team player: Must be adept at managing a director, crew, and client, to keep the job on budget & on time –  ideally without making enemies along the way.

Experience / Qualifications

  • Not Your First Rodeo: You’ve worked as a Producer managing vfx and animation pipelines  for at least 4 years. 
  • The Production Life Cycle: You have a strong understanding of the 2D & 3D pipeline and process, from script development to final delivery.
  • Artist At Heart: You are in it for the creative.
  • Perfectionist: You are detail oriented and clinically organized.
  • Bonus points: Knowledge of CETA iCFM and Shotgun software a plus.
  • Functional and Fearless: You are self-motivated and know how to get things done. Even in stressful situations you keep your cool and can problem solve.