Position Overview

● Will work with creative teams to design and execute interactive experiences using Unreal
● Must have at least +/- 1-year experience with Maya and/or Unreal
● Must have fluency in CG software and/or processes
● Should have solid understanding of Real Time engine script and tool development
● Attention to detail and comfortable with testing and debugging workflow, tools, and pipeline
● Pluses – coders with UE4 blueprint experience and/or desire to work in UE4


● Advanced and demonstrable experience with Unreal’s Blueprints system desired
● Experience troubleshooting 2D,3D, CGI based software
● Should have ability to take a project through the complete pipeline as part of a team or by themselves
● Ideal candidates will have a strong understanding of the 2D & 3D pipeline and process
● Excellent communication and project management skills
● Able to anticipate CG or coding challenges and problem solve
● Detail oriented and highly organized


● Working knowledge or experience using UE4, Unity, Maya or similar highly desired
● Knowledge of CETA iCFM and Shotgun software a plus
● Familiar with AR/VR and new media is a plus
● Must be able to work well within a team environment and have strong interpersonal skills