RIGGER (Freelance)

Position Overview

● Involved in the design, testing and maintaining of character rigs
● Assists in the delivery, set up, operation, dismantling and striking of rigging and rigging
equipment needed for production and live events
● Will be working with equipment for video systems, audio systems, lighting systems and
● Will work alongside CG and VFX supervisors as well as other artists to create all types of CG for client projects


Will include but are not limited to;
● Work collaboratively with the leads and artists of many other departments, ensuring
integration of characters and rigs into the production timeline
● Develop effective scripts and plugins for the department
● Troubleshoot and fix technical issues in Maya related to animation
● Ensure smooth operation of rigging pipeline, maintaining existing technology and
integrating and exploring new rigging technologies


● Comprehensive working knowledge of Maya, Python, C++
● Previous experience with rigging muscle systems such as Maya, Ziva, Houdini, or others
● Experience in writing modules for characters, creatures and mechanical rigs
● Experience with skinning and deformation of photorealistic characters and/or creatures


● Excellent problem solving and communication skills
● Possesses strong technical skills in rigging
● Solid time and project management skills
● Must be able to work well within a team environment and take direction
● Willingness to learn and grow

How To Apply

If you meet the above qualifications, please submit your résumé/website/samples of your work to jobs@psyop.tv. Please be sure to include “Rigger” in the subject line.