Position Overview

  • Wear Your Life Degree on Your Sleeve. You possess extensive experience working as an FX Artist and it shows in everything you do! You’re like a walking resumé for this role, always demonstrating an advanced understanding of various aspects of VFX production
  • Cream of the Crop. Creates real time visual effects of the highest quality, both in appearance and performance while adhering to the project’s artistic vision
  • Downright Genius. Maintains best FX working practices for the department and possesses a solid understanding of math and physics
  • MVP. Instrumental in various aspects of real time FX production from creation & simulation all the way through optimization and quality assurance


Will include but are not limited to;

  • Rubix Cube Solver. In the same way that one solves the Rubix Cube, you apply strong technical knowledge to solve design challenges
  • Execute FX tasks beautifully using Houdini
  • A True Aesthete. With a knack for aesthetics, you assist in the development of the look of a sequence with the supervision team
  • Seeker of the Unknown. Explore and recommend new FX techniques and software
  • Indie Spirit. For the most part, must be able to work independently with minimal or no supervision required
  • Pay it Forward. As Sr. FX Artist, may be asked at times to provide support or training to Jr. Artists. Be the mentor you always wished you‘d had

Experience & Qualifications

  • Not Your First Rodeo. 4+ years experience in creating visual effects using Houdini software or relevant software
  • Visual Trickster. Experience generating high end, photo-realistic effects such as explosions, water, dust, clouds, fire and smoke. You make them look so real that we have to do a double, sometimes triple take
  • Allergy Free. Experience creating particle effects and dynamics (without having to sneeze!)
  • Textile Worker. Possess a deep understanding of cloth simulation
  • Omniscient. Possesses knowledge of animation/modeling/texturing and instancing pipelines and can anticipate potential pitfalls that may need attention
  • Houdini Expert. Not the magician, the software.
  • Software Savant. Knowledge of Nuke, Cinema 4D and/or Maya a plus
  • Familiar with Shotgun software
  • Strong communication and time management skills
  • A Genuine People Person. People like you and you like them. You work well within a team environment and can take direction and whatever else someone might throw at you via words

Psyop is committed to building and maintaining an inclusive workplace. We offer flexible working practices and welcome and encourage applications from candidates who are under-represented in the creative industries.