Position Overview

  • The Big Wig of Compositing. Will act as lead compositor on projects, overseeing other compositors and delegating tasks
  • Works Well With Nerds. Will work closely with fellow nerds including the director, 3D lead, and Producer in achieving the highest creative and technical standards of work
  • Make It Work. Will create art with any and all available tools and resources. In the words of Tim Gunn “Make it work”


Will include but are not limited to;

  • A Creative Revolutionary. Composite digital as well as some live action elements to create groundbreaking visual effects. We want to see the Avatar of compositing
  • Teamwork Makes The Dream Work. Collaborate with fellow artists and supervisors to meet production deadlines and make all our dreams come true
  • Shots Shots Shots Shots Shots Shots Everybody. Must be able to tackle all shots from start to finish, including roto, tracking, paint, animation and creation of elements
  • Master Planner. Get involved at the earliest stages of production — help bid incoming work and plan crew needs
  • It’s All About The Benjamins. We’re talking about those blue hundreds. Help balance financial considerations with creative needs
  • Mr. Miyagi. Mentor and train Junior talent (your own little karate kids) as well as help onboard new freelance artists


  • Not Your First Rodeo. Minimum 4+ years of experience as a compositor using Nuke
  • Compositing Savant. When it comes to compositing, there’s nothing you haven’t done before. You have a thorough knowledge of compositing techniques for full 2D or 3D animation CG sequences and live action integration
  • Excellent knowledge of 3D multi-pass compositing techniques and color space concepts including ACES color workflow
  • Nuke Connoisseur. You possess an expert knowledge of Nuke as well as 3D Principles and techniques in Nuke. Talk about Nuke-obsessed
  • Timing is Everything. Understanding of the pace of production in a commercial environment


  • Your Reputation Precedes You. You have a proven track record of consistently delivering high quality compositing in a diverse range of styles
  • Technique Agnostic. Complete understanding of color correction, keying, roto, and tracking techniques. You can do it all
  • A True Conformist. And no we’re not talking about cultural conformity. Must possess knowledge of conforming EDL, XML, AAF on timeline in Flame, Nuke Studio, Resolve, Premiere or equivalent
  • Quiet on Set. You possess on set VFX supervision experience and know how to resist the urge to spend the whole day eating from the crafty table
  • After Effects Pro. Advanced knowledge of After Effects compositing
  • Chiller Than A Popsicle. You’re calm, cool and collected and are unfazed by stressful situations. You remain extremely self-motivated and productive under pressure
  • Master Collaborator. You aren’t antisocial, you like people and work well with them. A team player, if you will, that knows how to take initiative
  • Experience With Shotgun (Not That Kind). Working experience with Shotgun software preferred. Bonus points if you can shotgun a beer too
  • Experience automating compositing workflows through gizmo creation
  • (Monty) Python (and The Holy Grail). Some might say that Python scripting IS the holy grail. We would like for you to have some experience with this or other tool building softwares

Psyop is committed to building and maintaining an inclusive workplace. We offer flexible working practices and welcome and encourage applications from candidates who are under-represented in the creative industries.