Alexei Bochenek

Alexei Bochenek is a creative director specializing in games and animation based out of Los Angeles, CA. Starting out as a writer for Nerdist, Alexei managed to turn his passion for pop-culture into a career. Before joining the Psyop Creative Studio, Alexei worked as a brand manager and strategist at Disney, creating content for their massive online audience. Having learned about content from the back-end as a strategist, Alexei has a deep understanding of what audiences look for in the media they consume and uses that unique perspective to create distinctive work as a director. In addition to creating two visual novels — Camp W, a Psyop original IP simulator game, and I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator, made in collaboration with KFC — he has also written, concepted and co-directed many other Psyop projects including Disney/Glu Sorcerer’s Arena, Rush Wars Clash of Clans Party King and Temple Run. As a lifelong fan of anime, video games and pop culture, he draws inspiration from the content he consumes to create work that feeds audiences exactly what they are craving.