Dan Gregoras

Dan Gregoras crafts stories from abstract concepts, painting vibrant scenes that breathe life into narratives. Whether it’s his Emmy-winning title sequence for WGN’s TV series Manhattan or the gorgeous, fluid CG of Nuveen, his films are celebrations of visual metaphor, each infused with layers of meaning beneath lush, tactile imagery. Scenes fluidly transition into the next, mesmerising the viewer and transporting them into the heart of the story.

With a deep understanding of animation and mixed media production from coming up through the industry, Dan moves flexibly across styles and techniques without creative limits.

Often presented with the challenge of distilling complex ideas into an approachable but compelling visual language, a hallmark of his work is to be at once beautifully meaningful for the intended audience while captivating a much wider one. His diverse portfolio of design-led films has attracted brands and networks like HBO, IBM, Riot Games, Comcast, Ubisoft, AMC and WGN winning him accolades from SXSW, Promax and the AICPs.