Eben Mears

Even before Psyop’s inception, founder/director Eben Mears has been fascinated with how to create the impossible. A pioneer in digital filmmaking, Eben revolutionized the broadcast and commercial worlds with the use of compositing and 3D. From his early stint at the elite R&D department at MTV during the height of the network’s animation renaissance to being lead artist at Nickelodeon’s Digital Television Lab, Eben’s work is defined by the marriage of cutting edge technology and breathtaking design.

Infinitely collaborative, Eben’s creative universe is filled with diverse, multi-disciplinary talent and production partners. This enables him to work across styles and techniques while constantly creating new ones that shift visual paradigms. Whether it’s the dreamy, abstract worlds of Sherwin Williams or the fantastical underwater characters of AT&T’s Whole New World, Eben is remains an inventor and a reinventor through and through.

A lover of the experimental, a technical conceptualizer and driven and inspired by solving the unknown, Eben’s focus remains on what’s next in tech and technique so that he can shift realms of possibility and craft something truly remarkable.