Based in Argentina, Rudo is an animation studio formed by directors Pablo R. Roldán and Ezequiel Torres with the mission to explore and create different visual modes of storytelling. Through excellent design and a good sense of rhythm, Rudo is able to create animated pieces that are aesthetically rich and diverse as well as visceral and emotive.

Influenced by the works of Japanese artists and animators like Mitsu Iso and Taiyō Matsumoto, Rudo also draws inspiration from everyday life — things that are very colorful, accidents that surprise them, a nice piece of packaging design at the store. With such creative imaginations and open minds, Rudo is always exploring different aesthetics to create stories that are not only beautiful but also emotionally stimulating and thought provoking regardless of the medium or format. 

In creating their first narrative piece in 2017 for Siamès “The Wolf,” Rudo discovered their passion for storytelling and creating visual universes. Since then they have directed a number of other narrative projects including Siamès’ music videos “Mr. Fear,” which is beautifully graphic and atmospheric, and “Mañana,” their most experimental piece which played at many festivals, as well as their MTV film “Mr. Fear” which successfully evokes a sense of fear and suspense.