Shotopop always aims for epic. Based in London, the studio consists of a dynamic and imaginative collection of illustrators, designers, and animators able to turn their hand to everything from fully cel animated magic to innovative 3D design. Whether the destination is fun and bold or emotive and beautiful, a carefully curated team of talented artists drives their full and rich creative vision for every project.

Shotopop’s international client base seek them out for their hands-on collaboration, thoughtful problem solving, and watertight attention to detail. Each new project is an opportunity to level up, tell stories, explore new territory, and reach for something that is not just good, but great.

Alongside producing work for some of the world’s most recognisable brands – Nike, Adidas, Apple – Shotopop dedicates time to studio shorts that challenge the team to flex their minds and muscles in brave new directions.

With studio shorts informed by client projects and vice versa, Shotopop’s work ethic ensures that imagination and experimentation are consistently championed. Forever ambitious, this team of creative explorers always have their eyes on the horizon. Take their hand. Let the journey begin.