Jack Anderson’s Lessons From The Lake

Psyop Director Jack Anderson spent the bulk of his quarantine at the beautiful and remote lakeside cabin that has been a kind of family sanctuary for years. We got a chance to talk with Jack about working from home, or rather working from home away from home, during quarantine and some of the lessons he’s learned in the process. Here are Jack Anderson’s Lessons From The Lake:

Keep your mind and body busy even when you’re not working to stay inspired and broaden your skill set. Jack has been getting outside and doing some woodwork during breaks between meetings to recharge.

When you’re overwhelmed with your workload, make a list of everything that needs to be done. Visualizing everything you need to do that day will make it more manageable.

Working with the fewest variables can have the largest impact. Every problem has a solution and, more often than not, limitations are what help us find those solutions.

Feel grateful for the ways in which the current situation has helped us grow — the need to work remotely has jumpstarted a lot of tools we’re using and ways we are communicating that otherwise would’ve taken us a long time to implement.