The Little Duck Takes The Spotlight

The Andys’ Spot Is Named One of The Best Ads of The Year

“Imagine an ad for a Disney theme park, and you’d likely picture happy families wearing Mickey Mouse ears, exploring the attractions and hugging the occasional princess or Pluto. Agency BETC Paris left that tired template in the dust with “The Little Duck,” a phenomenal piece of animated storytelling worthy of the Disney name.”

-David Griner, Adweek

“The Little Duck,” directed by Blacklist’s Wizz directors the Andy’s for Disneyland Paris, has just been ranked number 12 on Adweek’s “The Best 25 Ads of 2019.” The Andy’s partnered with BETC Paris to make this heartwarming spot, which embodies the wonders of this magical destination through an enchanting tale that captures what it’s like to finally meet your idol.