Survival of the Fruits

In this world, tasting is believing.

Psyop took a walk on the wild side and ventured into Chobani Flavor Country, exploring the exotic flavor characteristics of yogurt like never before. In two documentary-style animations, viewers are taken on a mission to discover the true essence of Chobani, where indulgence is the law of the land and pure ingredients reign supreme.

“As director, it was very important that we illustrated these stories from the animal’s perspective but in a way that stayed true to the fruits’ qualities. We wanted to produce really vibrant images and push the boundaries of what was expected for the brand. It was a really exciting adventure for all parties.”

–Director Borja Peña Gorostegui

The design team crafted lush, hand painted environments for both films, always with the Flavor’s unique lifestyles in mind. Ambient acoustics from Q Department helped augment the Attenborough inspired voice over and the overall tone of the spots, bringing the piece to life.