2052 Surfers

Coolest-ever agency CD Mauricio Alcorn from the most excellent Conquistadors in Brooklyn delivered a script that made Munky’s heart melt, a short film with a conscience for the Ocean52’s ‘Hydration for Ocean Lovers’ line of drink products. Having spent over 20 years in Northern California, five of those in Humboldt County – illuminated the Lost Coast as one of those places where the love of the ocean runs deep — the kind of paradisiacal untouched coastline of any surfer’s dreams. It was a vision of a world in 2052 that he knew intimately — set in San Francisco, his current home, with characters that he not only recognized, but practically grew up with. Rain or shine, despite the freezing waters, the massive surf, and the precarious trek out to the shore — his comrades would be out on their boards, facing the waves. They are the characters in this piece, the people checking the surf reports, heartbroken by the polluted waters, but undaunted and ready to ride nonetheless.

It was an opportunity to make something that is so much more than a commercial. It was a short film with a conscience, and something so important to say. We were not merely selling a product, we were offering a solution to a very real problem: cleaning up the oceans — so that by 2052 our surfers will still have clean waves to ride.