Uber Freight Anthem

The fine folks at Camp+King saw a previous piece of projection work from Mr. Munkowitz and wanted to push the idea much further for their client Uber Freight. They presented an intriguing group of scripts, in which they wanted to create an authentic story; a story that elicited emotions. One that was truthful and honest and used projected light to showcase how shipments are handled inside and outside the warehouse, and the emotional payoff when a customer has the ease of grabbing it off the shelf.

As a resonse, the team wanted the viewers to uncover the forward thinking secret to Uber’s process and the humanity behind the shipping industry that Uber is having a hand in molding. They wanted the audience to connect emotionally to Uber empowering shipping companies and carriers to flourish, and wanted to execute the campaign in a stylish and compelling way that brought the viewers into the world of Uber Freight and the vibrant results it brings.