Supercell Clash Royale: Dramatic Approach

“Dramatic Approach offered an incredible environment challenge for the 3D team. We were tasked with incorporating a Clash of Clans like location with Clash Royale specific traits, inspired by beautiful Icelandic landscapes. Extensive and meticulous set dressing was involved to make each vignette unique and interesting.

In combination with a weight map based tree and grass system in Fabric Engine, the lighting and comp team hand-placed hundreds of trees, flowers, fences, mushrooms, rocks, mountains and other props in a massive set piece that encompassed every shot.

This spot is truly 3D as far as the eye can see, utilizing matte painting only to enhance the already existing landscape. The layout of the land was molded, informed, and updated by the animation that needed to occur in each shot – an epic hill to crest, rolling hills to rumble down, some shiny new additions to the arena’s outer wall, and of course, a valley to karaoke in!”

– Briana Franceschini, Lead Technical Director