Aldi UK Greatest Show

“We can’t believe this is Kevin’s 4th year celebrating the holidays with us! Every year these spots seem to get bigger and bigger but certainly we seem to have blown the roof off this one. Regardless of the challenges, these spots are a total blast to make. We get to design, build, and film these incredible sets. Then we get to take the footage home and bring Kevin and his family into it all.

I can’t overstate how much we like this exact pipeline of comping CG animation into cinematography. Being able to work with the real world lighting in CG just makes everything look so dang good. The camera moves were particularly tricky this year around. In fact the camera kept smashing into the food and at one point there was potatoes and gravy dripping off the lens. The AC was none too happy.  Another tricky bit on this one was the way the main display of food came down into the set. We basically had 200 lbs of a double decker six foot wide platter of food descend into the shot on ropes. Again, the gravy really didn’t want to cooperate. I just can’t stop imagining what Kevin’s going to get up to next year!” 

Todd Mueller, Director