Nike Maharishi

Maharishi By You is so much more than a shoe. It is a meeting of legends — Nike and Maharishi bringing together their expertise to create not only a sneaker, but a philosophy. It is a coalition of nature and technology — using cutting-edge design to both celebrate the natural world and produce a product that honors it. And it requires an elevation of execution — infusing innovation to change how image campaigns are captured by using military camera technologies to turn an image into an immersion.

The dream-team of MunkowitzToros KosePeiter HergertDr. Joseph Picard and SoundsRed had the opportunity to create a memorable, impactful image campaign that is more than just relevant to the spirit of Maharishi By You, but becomes a complete encapsulation of it. The team utilized special military grade camera technologies to present surrealist, thematic environments that the shoes exist in. What is so inspiring about these camera techniques is how they register the invisible – showing us what is normally unseen. How underneath any image is an alternate reality teeming in its vivid existence.

This is true for the vibrant colors we find in foliage within the Infrared Light Spectrum, whatever lies beneath total darkness with Night Vision, the thermal energy coursing underneath the surface and an inverted view of that spectrum in Thermal Imaging. They are military technologies that were used to create innovative art, much as the Maharishi By You’s take on military fabrics and patterns create enduring fashion.