Coca-Cola Mural

“Who hasn’t dreamed about graffitiing an entire city? Sending your spray painted creatures on a wild goose chase through the vertical expanse of a concrete jungle, that’s even more fun than duct-taping your roommate to the wall. We had a great time collaborating with Golden Wolf on the animation and even a better time filming in wonderful Buenos Aires. We even got to shoot with a fancy laser scanner system that we used to create a super detailed 3d map of the locations we shot it. Overall it was a wildly fantastic production. Now we just gotta refill our spray paint collection.”

– Todd Mueller & Kylie Matulick, Directors

“First of all, to get all the corny stuff out of the way, it’s been a real dream come true for myself and a lot of the Golden Wolf team to work on something like this for Coke. Having been hugely influenced by Happiness Factory and all the early Coke stuff from Psyop, it’s always been a client we wanted to get together with, so a big thanks to Todd, Kylie and the team for getting us on board!

What was particularly rewarding about the spot was working with T & K on defining the characters’ personalities and how their individual styles would affect how they move and act. For example, Jessica the cloud is a “throw up” so she’s messy and erratic, whereas Desmond the robot is a wheat paste poster, so he’s a bit slicker and more agile.

We loved being on board for the live action shoot. It was great to see the evolution from the original footage to the final result, with our 2D characters composited seamlessly into the live action. We’re so excited that they’re finally out in the world!”

-Ingi Erlingsson, 2D Animation Creative Director


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