Nike Never Ask

For this World Cup year, Nike celebrates the spirit of the Russian Street Football in their latest “Never Ask” Campaign — the art direction and animation are signed by Wizz director CRCR.

Initially the only request of Nike was to create a series of illustrations. Then the brand decided to animate these illustrations in a film taglined “The Korobka Never Asks” that celebrates the spirit of Russian street football told by the streets of Russia. The “Korobka” is a place where you don’t play for trophies, and pride is all that matters.

Nike also used the CRCR’s illustration to design a football & a basketball court (over 240 murals between 2 to 16 meters have been painted) in Moscow as part of this campaign.

This film is part of a trio of short films commissioned by Nike from the “Never Ask” campaign. The three films highlight three Russian athletes whose determination has helped them overcome obstacles in their careers – the blind runner Elena Fedoseeva, Aleksandr Maltsev the only professional synchronized swimmer in Russia & Fyodor Smolov, the soccer player in the CRCR’s film who fought his way from a bench-warmer to the leading scorer of the country.