Microsoft Xbox ReCore E3 Announcement Trailer

“We worked with Microsoft and Armature Studios to not just write the script and produce the trailer, but also to help them design their lead character Joule, to debut their new XBOX exclusive title ‘ReCore’ for E3 2015.  We were briefed to feature the unique gameplay abilities of removing and swapping cores across your team, teamwork-based battle action, and a sense of discovery in a new world, all while weaving these characters into the start of strong emotional relationship. It’s a hard thing to do in just a couple of minutes! Working on any offshoot of a game that is still currently in development is always tricky, as the developers are often tinkering with characters, gameplay mechanics, and storylines up until release. Being involved in the early stages of development, however, enabled us to form a stronger creative bond that made the rest of the process easier.”

“We spent a lot of time cutting and refining the script and storyboards. We were still overlength once moving into PreViz – so we had a good chunk of time dedicated to that PreViz time – looking at what shots we could combine, and how to tell such an action packed yet emotional tale in such a short timespan. We worked with a lot of key members of the game team directly from concepting through to delivery. That relationship helped us problem solve any issues earlier and resulted in a project the client were super happy with as they’d been so involved with us throughout each stage. In the end, we were super excited when Microsoft told us how well the trailer had gone down internally, and they were bumping it up to an earlier slot in the XBox briefing. It was so great to be at the event and hear the response from from the crowd!”

-Lucy Clark, Producer