Aldi UK “Kevin the Carrot” Franchise

Now 3 holiday seasons in the running, Todd & Kylie helped turn Christmas’s arguably most unremarkable vegetable – the carrot – into a beloved ambassador for Aldi Supermarkets across the UK. First introduced in 2017, audiences watched as the plucky little carrot met Santa and over the years, found true love, had a family and, most recently, defied an evil parsinip. 

Made into an adorable plushy, Kevin rose to rock star status last holiday season, inciting Black Friday levels of chaos as holiday shoppers fought to get their hands on one. How’s that for naughty and nice? 

“We fell in love with this project from the very moment we saw it. Come on, a carrot who wants to meet Santa… What’s not to like? We knew that this was a spot for a grocery store so we weren’t going to be able just to stay focused on the carrot. We had to show the big Christmas spread and have as much appetizing food photography as possible. Ideally you want every shot to do one thing perfectly, we didn’t have that luxury. In nearly every shot we need to tell the story and showcase the food. That being said we couldn’t be more thrilled with the way it came out. Our goal with everything we direct is get the viewers to feel something. Not exactly an easy thing to do inside sixty seconds. In any case, hopefully people will come away feeling some Christmas spirit.”

– Directors Kylie Matulick & Todd Mueller


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