Head & Shoulders The Chase

CRCR lathers up a flurry of anime-inspired action/comedy in this Head & Shoulders spot animated by WIZZ in Paris through agency Forsman & Bodenfors Singapore for the Japanese market.

From the get go this was a great client brief. The agency / client deck we received already had so much thought put into it. The creative team had spent so much time building the main character, his back story and the world in which he would exist and evolve. It’s rare to get a brief that makes you want to immediately jump on it and win the project.

For us the challenge of pushing CRCR’s 2D world that bit further and collaborating with our great partners Red Knuckles to build these very realistic backgrounds, and bringing these 2 worlds together was something that we’d been wanting to do for some time and the H & S brief lent itself perfectly to this.

-Amanda Stubbs, EP

The main challenge was to create a look and feel that was 2.5 D – somewhere where we mixed 2D animation with elements that were in 3D and very realistic backgrounds. The intense pace was also quite challenging to keep up over the 75 seconds for The Chase.

-Amanda Stubbs, EP