New York Public Library

The Raven

Studio AKA

While all eyes turn to social media screens this Halloween in search for the best costume, The New York Public Library and Mother surprise audiences with a special edition in their immensely successful Instanovels campaign. 

The eponymous “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe is re-imagined for Instagram, bringing one of the most famous poems ever written to a new generation of readers. Through a unique series of animations produced by Psyop and Studio AKA, readers are sent on an ominous procession through a stark psychological landscape where the differing perspectives of both the Raven and Poe’s protagonist are depicted. The viewpoints steadily intercut and converge as the animation builds to its disquieting climax, as the door creaks open revealing “darkness there and nothing more…”

The library is open on @nypl’s instagram here